Frisco Municipal Library

I’ve wanted to try some of these shots for a while. This one was in my mind’s eye, and Andy complied and made it come to pass. My goal was to have him stand really still, so that he would be in focus, while anyone else would be a blur. It worked.



Rocky Rock Art

These wonderful rock formations are done in Grenwelge Park on the Llano River, in Llano, TX. I’m sure there are some religious connotations to some of them. But the rest are just rocks on top of each other, which we can call “art.”

The Llano River busted its banks recently and I would love to drive back and see how many of these formations still remain. But then, that is probably the joy of it for those who take the time to stack the rocks. They know they can do it all over again. Kind of like the people who find fascination in building castles in the sand while at the beach. Only, the rock formations have a tendency to last longer.