Photo of the Week: After the Storm

Heidi and I went walking down by the lake after a recent thunder storm. We needed to get out of the house and one of my favorite past times is walking down to the lake and back.


The dark clouds are the storm that had blown through.

Here is a color rendition.


Midweek Photos: The Gas Station

Well, it’s not actually a gas station since they no longer sell gas. But they do offer to perform state inspections at a reasonable cost in the quickness of time. I barely had time to focus before they were through with my car. So here is the bonus, midweek photos from a gas station in Whitesboro, TX.

It was the over-cluttered office that first caught my eye. I remember growing up back in the 1960s, and the offices of ever gas station looked a bit like this one. If you look close enough, you can see that they sell fidget spiders, along with a host of other things.

The tires. Need tires? They got tires.

Then there is the pump. The price per gallon is $2.89. But I’m not sure if they were actually working.

The nitty-gritty car bay. I wonder how often they use that dart board?


More tires. They probably sell more tires than the do gas. Will have to ask them when I take the 2000 Saturn Station Wagon Chick Magnet in for its inspection. Darn. That means they will probably want to drive it. Mechanics are always jealous over the awesomeness of the chick magnet.

Photo of the Week:Self Portrait

The following is one of my favorite self portraits in a long time. Of course, it just so happens to include my lovely wife and Jacqui too.

Rob and Jacquie took us out on their boat along with Lloyd and Debby, in order to help us appreciate the beauty of Lake Texoma, and the size. The lake is huge. The lake is beautiful. The lake has a lot to see and do. But the best part of the day was sitting in the middle of the lake, drifting, while watching the sunset and enjoying the company.

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Photo of the Week:Church Doors

Do you darken them?

If you don’t, your soul is in trouble. If you do, but then go to the wrong doors, your soul is in trouble. Yes, it’s not easy. But to find a church where the gospel of Jesus Christ is truly preached is hard to come by. But your eternal soul depends upon it. You need to start looking if you don’t already have a church home where the leadership, and the pastor, are faithful in preaching God’s word.

Would It Matter?

I love the simplicity of this church building. It’s nothing fancy. It’s on the same road where my dad lives outside of Brenham, TX, in Washington County. You can see that the paint is peeling, and the parking lot is mostly grass. The building doesn’t have central air, given the window units on the side you cannot see. I’m sure it has that old-church smell to it like a lot of churches do. You may know the smell I speaking of. Most members of old churches don’t notice the smell. They have grown use to it. It’s the smell of “old.” It shows that they haven’t updated anything in many years, no new paint, no new carpet, nothing new at all.

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Midweek Photos:Glock on the Table

I took these photos in the restroom of a Trader Joe’s, and thought that they would make a really interesting still life. Trader Joe’s is the first public place that I went into while concealing AND carrying. So it has a special place in my heart.

The first photo is a simple black and white with a filter added in Adobe. The second is also given a filter in Adobe and I like the hard black steel in the soft pastel setting. It just makes me feel all artsy-fartsy! I hope Trader Joe’s doesn’t mind me using their restroom for a bit of photography. It was helpful that their restroom afforded me the opportunity to put the gun on the table. You know, those guns are heavier than they look. If I don’t have my belt on the tightest loop, it makes me look like I belong in the hood.