Midweek Photo: Watching a Still Life

From our trip down to Brenhan, TX. I added the watch because I thought it would make it interesting, however, my lovely wife informed me it would have been a better picture without the watch. Please vote below in the poll!

I didn’t add the coffee cup on this one. It was there. I thought it would be from Starbucks, but apparently the workers who keep my father’s lawn couldn’t afford Starbucks.


Photos of the Week: Muddy Mess!

A Day in the Life…

It was fun playing Frisbee golf with the boys. I told both of them that they were terrible at the game and should not expect too much of themselves. They did just fine. I, however, kept expecting too much of my boys. I dialed it back a bit, and tried to have fun. After all, I was the only one throwing for par.

But then there was the mud. The course is laid out on a the bank of a creek bed, and actually in the creek bed. It’s a Texas creek bed, so that means that much of the time, there isn’t a lot of running water in it. Given that we had a bunch of rain the night before, there was a steady stream.
We did our best to avoid the muddy spots, but by hole 10, we gave up. There was just too much mud And several of the holes, which were actually in the creek bed, were so soppy that we didn’t try to play them. We gingerly made our way around the really muddy spots, if gingerly can be used when your shoes grow in size with each step as the mud continues to cling the the already existing mud. At one point, we had to cross the creek. Andy jumped across it, showing us the most narrow spot. Then Joey jumped across it. And of course, I didn’t make it. My left foot slipped on the opposite side of the bank and I plunged into the cold water. Great!

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End-of-Year and Top 5 Photos from 2018

I didn’t do a lot of end-of-year in stuff this year, partly because I knew it wasn’t going to be a banner year. That year came in 2016, when I had 83,417 hits on the site. This year, I didn’t have half of that (36,122 hits). I thought that my low numbers might have been due to a low number of blog posts. I only posted 125 blogs in 2018. But when I looked at the number for 2016, I found that I posted 137 blogs that year. So there was not much of a difference in output.

Part of the decline might be attributed to the fact that of the 125 posts I made this year, about half of them were devoted strictly to photography. I even toyed with the idea of making my blog a photography only site. There have been a lot of reasons why I played with the idea. But as of yet, it still remains a theological blog, with photography thrown in as a diversion.

Given that, here are my top 5 photos of the year. These are the photos that I really liked. I hope you enjoyed them as well.

Please note that all photos appearing in the banner are copyrighted Timothy J. Hammons 2019.

Top Photo of the Year

Mother and the Bride: Heidi holding Rebekah’s hand before her wedding in October.

Mother and Daughter: Heidi and Jessica’s hands together. The photo that inspired the top photo of the year.

Grandson at the Park

The Cowboy and the Princess, from the archives.

Waving to Strangers, from the archives.




Midweek Photos: Frisco 19 Steam Locomotive

Joey spotted the locomotive on our way to the library this morning. He asked if we could go to it sometime, and turns out, we did just that. Give our love for trains, and it’s a time of year that brings back many memories about trains, we stopped and spent some time looking at the Frisco Steam Locomotive 19. You can read more about it here.


Photos of the Week: Dead Trees

Driving into Jonesboro, AR., on 67, you will pass a small lake with this line of dead trees. I’ve been fascinated with the trees for sometime because I could not figure out why all of them died the way they did. From the road, it’s hard to tell that they are in the lake. To discover that, I had to enter a posted gate, and climb up on the damn around the lake to take these pictures. It looks as though the owners expanded the lake from a previous border, thereby killing off these trees. But when I asked a local resident, I was told that the trees were actually killed by a tornado. So I still don’t know why they are dead.


Midweek Photos: Frisco, TX

Frisco, TX is one of the up and coming cities here in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. I’ve been told they expect the city to grow by 250,000 people in the next 5 years, so you can imagine all the construction that will take place, and has already taken place. City leaders have done a fine job of putting together a new town square, where you can find Frisco’s library, and city offices, all in the same building. Here are just a few of the images I took the other day on a morning walk through the square.


Photos of the Week: Riverside

We stayed on the Wataugu River back in October for our daughter’s wedding. Our hope was to sit and enjoy the sounds, but we were so busy, we barely had time to enjoy it. I did step out early for some photos. I’ve found that the grey days do offer great opportunities for black and white.



Photo of the Week: Rising Waters

Over the last couple of weeks, the level of Lake Texoma has been on the rise. You can get a glimpse of the level of the waters by comparing the first two pictures. In the second picture, you can only see a bit of the tree you see in the first picture.

In the third picture, that is the tree that me and the boys would sit under on the beach when we could.


Photos of The Week: Rock Stacking Festival

On our trip home from preaching at a church in the hill country, we stopped in Llano, TX, along the river of the same name and discovered the results of an annual festival held at Grenwelge Park, a rock stacking festival. Apparently, the good people of Llano have a festival every year in which people come in and stack rocks on top of each other. It is a competition and there is even a championship for it. In the words of Dave Barry, I’m not making this up. You can read about it on Texas Highways magazine.

In view of that, here are some photos from the park with left over rock stacks.


Midweek Photos: Wind Chimes

I love wind chimes. Every time Heidi and I go into Buckee’s, we have to bump into the chimes just to listen. We know we will never be able to afford them, since Buckee’s is so proud of their chimes. But it’s nice to hear the deep, rich vibrations with just a hint of barbecue sauce. (That is the predominant smell in Buckee’s.)

Here are a few shots from the central Texas B&B with tiny chimes.


Photo of the Week: B&B in the Hill Country

Heidi and I had the wonderful opportunity of staying in a B&B this past weekend, so I could preach at a church in the hill country. For those who don’t know Texas, the hill country is the area around Austin and San Antonio that is known for its…hills. I know most people who have never been to Texas think of it as a flat desert with a skeletal cow’s head, and a funky cactus. But Texas is a large place, with lots of variety. The hill country is one such area. It is rocky, hilly, filled with cedars, lots of cactus, lots of deer, antelope, and other exotic animals. There are only two bad things about the hill country. The first is the lack of rain, and when it rains, it has a tendency to flood in low-lying areas. Heidi and I got a taste of that when we drove across an area with less than a foot of water. It took us into the on-coming lane, but thankfully, there was no oncoming traffic.

The other bad thing about the area is the influx of Liberalis Californius. This is a species that has migrated this way after destroying its own homeland area through socialistic tendencies, making their own area so unpleasant to live in, they have to migrate to Texas in order to spread their ill-gotten policies. Some how, they fool themselves into thinking that they can live the same way in a new place and get different results.

But alas, enough commentary. This is a photography post, and therefore, demands pictures! Here they are!



Midweek Photo: Industrial Sherman

The following are from the industrial area in Sherman, TX. Old building always make good subjects. I would love to take the following building and fix it up into a house or apartments.

Maybe we could hide a church in this one. But definitely turn it into apartments.

This one has future art studio written all over it.