Photo of the Week:Fallen Hero


In honor of fallen Richardson Police Officer David Charles Sherrard. I would write more…but words elude me. I’m grateful I was able to attend his funeral. May the LORD bless and comfort his wife and two daughters, his extended family, and the men and women who so proudly served with him on the Richardson Police Department. Hear the last radio dispatch to him here.

I know I should say more, but truly am having a hard time finding the words. I’ve tried several times, and after attending the funeral, this was the best I could do.


Photo of the Week: Big Daddy’s Roadhouse Barbecue

Last night, we were in Lavon, TX around dinner time so we decided to eat out. The restaurant of choice was Big Daddy’s, which was established in 1999. I say that because they worked real hard to give the inside of the restaurant the atmosphere of something that was quite antiquidated as far as barbecue restaurants are concerned. In other words, the walls were covered with photos of John Wayne, and country singers that only the greyest of country music fans would know. It kind of worked. The atmosphere of the restaurant was quite nostalgic for the good old days when men were men, and they loved their women and no more. Sadly, I didn’t take any photos from inside the establishment, so you will have to venture there yourself.

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Picture of the Week: Broken Glass and Bottle Cap

This one is the picture of the week simply for it’s oddity. You will notice the broken glass and the bottle cap in the picture, along with a wire retainer for our tomato netting. Not much when you first look at it. But please note, all three of those are sitting on the shelf of one of my grills. Still nothing unique about that. But here is the kicker: the glass and bottle cap are from our home in Terrell, TX.

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Picture of the Week: Moving Again???

Yes…  we are. For the fourth time in three years, we are moving again. Hopefully, we will be able to stay in our new location for a long period of time, Lord willing.

By the time this post goes public, our move should be complete. Thank goodness. It grows old living out of boxes, around boxes, under boxes, in boxes… wait, maybe not inside of boxes, but you get the idea. We’re looking forward to life without boxes for a while.

Out of Teaching

Talk about truth in advertising, this billboard nails it. The way children are raised these days, with the emphasis on their lives being all about them, they really do dare you to teach. I spent 3 1/2 years in the public schools and have come to believe in the existence of purgatory. So when you see the sign up and around Dallas, don’t take the dare.


Picture of the Week: Pharmacy Signs

Apparently downtown pharmacies are not doing well. Neither Buford Drugs, nor Bass And Rutledge Drug are still open. But it is fashionable to keep the sign up even if the building is occupied by The Fireman’s Wife Boutique.

I also couldn’t leave this one alone either. Here is an extra-bonus picture of the week.

Picture of the Week: A113

This is from downtown Terrell, TX. I took it to share with my sons, since we are always looking for A113 in the Pixar movies we watch. Those who know Pixar legend know that A113 was the room number where most of the animators got their start in school, at the California Institute for the Arts.

Picture of the Week: Mr. Blue Sky


I love this picture because of the richness of the blue sky. It could have been a tad bit better had I had some puffy-white clouds to go with it. But haven’t had a lot of those here of late.

I also enjoyed being with my family when I took this shot. My wife and two sons were with me. We needed to get out of the house after Thanksgiving and found a park on the lake for some fresh air.