The Demise of the PCA

I’ve often told my congregations over the years that we should not be surprised when we see human institutions, such as seminaries, or even denominations, erode from the foundations in which they were formed. This is because the spiritual attack on those who lead those institutions is constant, and the human heart is frail. Just the reality of generational decline shows this to be true. What I mean by that is that the first generation of those making a stand on the truth is always more solid than the second generation, and third generation. The same is true in business. I believe the axiom is that the first generation builds the empire, the third generation loses it.

Sadly, however, the Presbyterian Church in America is on the fast lane to its own demise. Part of the reason for this is because it’s own seminary, Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Mo., has given itself over to the appeal of sophistication or wisdom as in the sense that the Greeks sought after in Paul’s day. He condemned such pursuits of wisdom in 1 Corinthians 1:18-25, showing it to be foolish. You can see this form of wisdom today when those in Christian circles are seeking to be agents of change in society. They seek to be practical. They seek to be expedient in all they do. For all these things to happen, they must punt the word of God.

In view of that, Andrew Dionne over at Warhorn Media, has an article showing how the professors at Covenant would purposely leave out passages of Scripture dealing with male headship and the hierarchy of the home, specifically the feminists most hated passage, 1 Corinthians 11:3. This has led to the softening of the roles within the denomination to the point now that progressives are trying to usher women into key positions. What progressives want is to ordain women as deacons and elders and eventually pastors, even though they flatly deny such things. It’s always a slippery slope on these issues. When you start to cave on clearly defined roles between men and women, there is no stopping at “we just want to ordain women as deacons since they are already serving as deacons anyway.” If women are serving as deacons, then the men should hang their heads in shame for not being the men God has called them to be.

What progressives never advocate is what is actually biblical, women who are submissive to their husbands and delight in the main roles that God made them for, being a help meet to their husbands and bearing and raising children. But that aside, the end result of this move away from biblical ordained roles is that the Nashville Presbytery has offered up an overture to their next General Assembly to open up board positions within the denomination to women. This, in effect, would allow women to exercise authority over men, which is against 1 Timothy 2:12. Dionne writes:

That pipeline of church workers entering the ministry (and other church positions) after being dulled by Covenant’s exceedingly weak complementarianism (more on that below) is the clear explanation for recent votes at GA regarding study committees on women’s ministry as well as the PCA’s ready acceptance of women serving as voting members of authoritative committees.

When the seminary of the denomination goes weak on biblically ordained roles, we should not be surprised that the denomination follows suit. I had a conversation about this with one of the insiders in the PCA, a non-progressive, and he came out and stated that the best thing the denomination could do is cut ties with Covenant. But I don’t think that will happen.

Dionne continues:

Point in case: The PCA’s Nashville Presbytery recently sent an overture to this year’s General Assembly petitioning the 2018 General Assembly to remove the word “man” from a number of leadership positions in the denomination. Nashville Presbytery is pushing the PCA to allow women to serve on the boards of agencies of the church.

So here we go again… Emboldened by the guidelines from last year’s report of the Ad Interim Committee of Women Serving in the Ministry of the Church which urged presbyteries to send overtures to GA “that would allow qualified women to serve on appropriate committees and agencies within the church,” Nashville Presbytery dreams of being the vanguard of liberal metro presbyteries and has jumped at this opportunity.

Presenting no argument from Scripture (which flatly condemns their agenda), the men of the Nashville Presbytery have determined that “service on the Boards of Agencies established by the Corporate Bylaws of the Presbyterian Church in America is among the appropriate places for godly women to exercise their gifts in the national church.” After initial and perfunctory whereas statements, their overture then spills out a long list of revisions to the BCO they want implemented. The most telling are their many deletions of the word “man.” They want the sexless “members” to replace it. (Emphasis added).

Of course, this overture will have to go through the process. It will need to get passed at the GA level, which usually happens because so few ruling elders will attend GA, then go to the presbyteries where it should be defeated. My source, that I mentioned above, has told me that a battle is coming between the confessional wing and the progressives wing for either this year, or the next. He is confident that the confessional wing will win the day and the Progressives will slink off and join the more liberal ECO. I just don’t have that much faith in progressives to do what is right in that regard. They are not doing what is right now. They have taken vows to uphold the confession and the BCO (the denominational constitution), and they ignore it and consider it nothing more than a “necessary evil.” (One progressive actually told me this).

But even if they did do the honorable thing and join denominations that already hold their views, it wouldn’t matter because those remaining still don’t hold to male-headship as it is given in Scripture. Just the attempt to come up with something like complemenatarianism, which waters down the roles, shows a weakness in the denomination itself. Until pastors are willing to teach, from the pulpits, that men are to be the godly leaders of the home, and not the women, then the problem will just repeat itself all over again 20 years from now.

I predict that this all will lead to the demise of the PCA.

What Does God Want in Worship?

The question that no one is asking when it comes to worship is: what does God want in worship?

Everyone always talks about what they like or don’t like about worship and never consider that the very One being worshipped might actually have an opinion on the issue. After all, He gave us 66 books dealing with worship, so we might be able to find a few things He has said to the issue.

He has told us what He wants. He has made it clear what is acceptable and given us ample examples about what He finds detestable. We see this early on in Scripture with Cain and Abel. Cain gave the first fruits of what he had grown and Abel sacrificed a sheep. One was a blood offering, the other was not. God didn’t respect the offering of Cain, and it drove the older brother to murder the younger brother.

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Top 10 Cars That Are Worse Than Mine!

As my oldest boy gets into his teens, he thinks he has become an expert on are cars, especially those that are clearly out of my price range or interest. Since my auto aspirations and thoughts only involve a Ford F-150 Raptor, I have a hard time keeping him humble. Today, he asked me if I knew what a McLaren was. Apparently, it’s high-end, fast, and expensive. Which are three reasons I don’t know what it is.

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Photo of the Week:Be an Indie!

While on vacation in Brenham, TX, Heidi and I hunted down the ever elusive Independence Coffee Co. It used to be about 5 miles from my father’s home, but was moved to a larger location heading out on US 290 from downtown Brenham. Also, it’s next to the bowling alley. They have a sign for it, but you need a magnifying glass to read it, especially driving at 55 mph. But we did find it and were able to pick up some of their Laughing Donkey coffee, which is their espresso roast.

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Quit Feeding Them Milk!

One of the mantras that I hear from time-to-time among pastors and teachers of the Bible is that we need to spoon feed our congregations because they can’t handle any of the meat of the word. I’ve always despised this attitude for several reasons. First, the one taking this position assumes that those being taught are not able to handle the truth that is presented in the text. In other words, the rich truths of the Bible are just too much for the audience to handle.

This was the attitude of those in leadership at the church in Dallas where I was an intern. What was remarkable about that is that the congregation was made up of some of the most educated entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, and businessmen in the entire city. But for some reason, they were considered not intellectually capable of handling spiritual truth.

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Is Betsy DeVos Bringing Back Prayer in Schools?

First published back in January 2017. Republished because there seems to be a renewed interest in bringing back prayer in schools. Some have even suggested that the Bible be taught in schools, which is another bad idea.

The headline, and subsequent story on The Truth Division’s website, seems to indicate that this is what the new education secretary, Betsy DeVos, intends to do once she is confirmed to the position. But when you dig deeper, you find much of what is being written about Betsy DeVos is based upon an interview she and her husband, Dick, gave back in 2001. For the mathematically challenged, that is about 16 years ago.

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This is It? We Reduce the Resurrection to Rabbits

I know, hopeless cause. But look at that picture. I just wonder what Christ’s disciples would have thought of the church allowing itself to become so off-focus that, somehow, colorful high-fructose corn syrup had become the center of Christianity’s most important tenet: the resurrection. You know, the resurrection? It is one of the key elements that separates true Christianity from all other religions–the leaders of all other religions died, and are still dead. Not so with Jesus Christ. He died on the cross, rose from the dead three days later, and sits at the right hand of God the Father waiting to return to judge the living and dead in order to give then their eternal rewards.

But many reduce the resurrection of the Second Person of the Trinity to colored candy and rabbits.

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Joel Osteen is a Caricature Of Himself

Every time I visit worthless books O million, I have to venture over to the religion and Christian living sections to see what they are peddling. Many of my readers know that I’m in the habit of saying that if you buy a book on religion from a book store, especially a Christian bookstore, outside of the Bible, you just wasted your money. Bookstores rarely sell Christian books worthy of being read. So it’s my habit to take a look and see what they are peddling.

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Photo of the Week:Ice Storm

In the world of ice storms, this one was rather mild. Nonetheless, we were without power for 27 hours, which meant we would go on drives in the car just to warm up. I know these photos are not the best. But when the rain is blowing in your face…well, you get the picture.