Happy Anniversary Bekah and Tyler

Last October, our youngest daughter Bekah got married and they asked me to be the “official” photographer. I was more than happy to do so, especially since it justified getting a new camera. The camera I bought was not top of the line, but one that I could get for a fairly decent price at the Canon website. But…it was a huge improvement over and above my previous camera, which was a second generation Canon Rebel, that I got back in 2004. All the recent pictures you see are with the newer camera.

But, this is not about photography. It’s about a wedding. In which, I was the photographer. It was our gift to Bekah and Tyler for me to take the pictures, edit them, and put them into a photo album for them. I think that was a wonderful gift. But again, this isn’t about what I did…it’s about the fact that I have pictures. I have a way to share them. And, I can say, “Happy anniversary Bekah and Tyler! May the LORD bless you with many, many more anniversaries.”

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The Fightin’ Texas Aggies Band

From the archives, September 2013. I took the boys to a game that started at 2:30 p.m. It was so hot, we ended leaving because Joey was getting overheated just sitting there. I thought it appropriate to post this today, since the Aggies are not playing until next week when they face the Alabama Crimson Tide. I’m not hopeful about the outcome of that game. Let it be known, I’m thinking the Aggies go 7-5 this year. And as I have learned from being in the SEC, that when your team is having a bad years, it’s because the entire conference is having an off year.


Hank the Cowdog Illustrator

I read that the illustrator for Hank the Cowdog, Gerald L. Holmes, died on Thursday. Hank the Cowdog was a staple in our home when the boys were younger. So in honor of Mr. Holmes, I share with you our boys outside of one of the book stores in Brenham, TX, after getting another in the long series of Hank the Cowdog.


Wine Snobs

About a year ago, after looking for apartments in the DFW area, we spotted Eden Hill Vineyard in Selena, Tx on the way back to that place that shall not be mentioned. Two thoughts immediately jumped into my mind. The first: “wow, I didn’t know we had any vineyards in these neck of the woods.” The second: “let’s stop and see if we can taste the wine.”

Of course we could taste it. They make a lot of money on people tasting it. We couldn’t resist, so we pulled in, and ordered a plate of cheeses and sauces that came with the chance to sample six different wines: two whites, two rosés, and two reds.

The opportunity gave us a moment to be wine snobs. We are not wine snobs normally. Our financial portfolio won’t support such activity (we really don’t have a financial portfolio, just a manila folder with the word “finances” written on it). We discovered that we really don’t like white wines, we can tolerate rosés, but like reds. But not for $50 a bottle. We figured the sampling was enough, and left without putting any more of a dent in our “financial portfolio.”

As for our future as wine snobs, I think we are happy drinking the inexpensive wines from Trader Joe’s.


The Real Test

The Frederickberg’s restaurant had the ambiance, the character and the crowd. However, I can’t remember what I ordered, or whether or not it was any good. That is the real test to any restaurant. Does it make you want to come back? Does it impress itself upon the taste buds with such authority, that you don’t forget? Apparently, this one didn’t. But it did have colorful walls.