My better half…

My name is Timothy J. Hammons, and this is my photography blog. I may, on occasion, post more than my pictures, but for now, I’m enjoying sharing photos I’ve taken over the years.

The LORD blessed me with a wonderful wife, Heidi Ann, in March of 2015. We have two sons and two daughters that we spend as much time with as we can… and… FOUR precious grandchildren.

Please note that all photos are copyrighted Timothy J. Hammons 2021.


Taken by Heidi.

All photos Copyright Timothy J. Hammons 2023.


  1. Hi Timothy
    Love your photography !! I happened upon this page several years ago on an article about cremation from a biblical prospective. Are you the one who wrote that article?? If so, I would really like a copy of it, if that is possible. I had shared that article to family and friends on Facebook for quite some time and I can’t locate it. It was a GREAT article !!

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  2. Now I am curious about the article on cremation from a Biblical viewpoint. What was the gist of it?


    • Basically, that since fire is a sign of judgment, and we believe in the resurrection, we are to view our bodies with the future hope that they will be raised again. Therefore, as Christians, we should not cremate our bodies, but put them in the tomb/grave with a view to the future hope of being raised again when Christ returns.

      Hope that helps. Guess, I need to rewrite it. 🙂


  3. Now I am curious about that article. What was the gist of it?


  4. I enjoy your photography very much. You have been blessed, but you have also served and taken care of others.


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