Bad Golf, Good Dishes

Actually, it was an injured arm that lead to the pursuit of more dishes for my lovely bride. I wanted to golf at a course in Canton, TX, home of the First Monday’s Trade Days (the largest flea market this side of the Mississippi). It’s also home to the Canton Dish Barn. For those who are into Fiesta Dinnerware, the Canton Dish Barn is the place to shop.

My wife and I appreciate Fiesta Ware. We like the color. We like the solid feel of the plates. We like the way the plates keep our food off the table, as plates are designed to do. Yes, the simplicity of the plates and the bright colors remind me of… kindergarten, when things were simpler. No confusing patterns. Just simply, color, roundness of plates, and thickness, giving a senses of durability.

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A Gentle Reminder

My lovely bride loves to make chocolate candy for me, since I’m such a lover of chocolate. You can read more about that here.

The problem is that we ran out of chocolate a few days ago. She is ever attentive and asked me this morning, while she was at work, to leave her a reminder so she could make me more chocolate tonight. I thought it would be helpful to leave the can of cocoa in a place where she would see and be reminded. Then, to my delight, I discovered we had four cans of cocoa. She is really good about never running out of the essentials. Seizing on the opportunity, I placed all four cans in convenient locations. After all, can one leave too many reminders for the need of chocolate? See the photos and tell me if you think she will spot the conveniently placed cans of cocoa. (All photos Copyright TimothyJHammons 2017).

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Fire Pit

It was one of those jobs that I knew I had to do: clean out the drainage pipes under my driveways. Yes, I have two driveways. One for the carport, the other for the husband, which is really just a place for a car under a tree. But both driveways have drainage pipes under them for the ditches out front.

For some strange reason, the previous owner was in the habit of filling in those drainage pipes with large chunks of concrete, asphalt, rocks and anything else he cold find. That led to the pipes clogging up with sediment. And clog they did. When it rained, the water went over the driveway instead of under it. After it rained, the water would stand on both sides of the driveway until it evaporated. I’m sure in the spring and summer the mosquitoes made use of all that breeding area.

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Bearded Selfie

Whenever Heidi and I want to bring a smile to each other, we will sends selfies(a picture that you take of yourself). I took this one while giving a test last week, which is why it is taken from a low angel. I was trying to be discreet. In fact, I think there should be a rule when it comes to selfies: Thou Shalt Be Discreet. But alas, I’m old school.

So may I present my latest selfie: Bearded Selfie.

Bearded Selfie

Two Trees Battling in the Backyard

Backyard Tree Two trees in the back yard, which is easy to see. One is an oak, the other an elm, both battle for supremacy.

Like two brothers, fighting it out, one is taller, the other more stout.

Which one will win in the decade long fight, who will be supreme in the reach for the heights?

As we smoke their cousins on that back porch, neither realize they are destined for the torch. For one will rot before the other, leading to both being needed to be smothered.

Who will win in this battle of supremacy, why man for sure, don’t you see. For the day will come when both are rotted, and I will decide it’s time for them to be tottered.