Monochrome Monday: Fredonia Brewery

Heidi and I took a road trip to Nacogdoches, TX on Saturday, for all the typical reasons for a road trip. Nacogdoches is a tad unique in that it is the oldest town in Texas, with groups of indigenous people living there back before water was invented. Or something like that.

We walked through the town. Ate at the famous Fredonia Hotel, and then stopped by the not-so famous Fredonia Brewery.

I don’t really drink beer because it has so many carbs, but I had to try one. They gave me plenty of options to choose from. I went with the Pinecove Port. It is the beer most like a Guinness Stout. The other option was the Macho Milk, a coffee-milk stout. I tried both and went with the Pinecove. Both met the high-exptectations of the Hammons’ Beer Rating System™. The Pinecove with a 9.628 and the Macho Milk with 9.133.

The Pinecove port.

The menu.

The monochrome.

Where the beer is made.

All photos copyright © Timothy J. Hammons, 2021.

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