Random Family

I couldn’t help myself. I was out taking pictures around the Heritage Museum in Frisco, and saw this family trying to get a group picture. So I told them I would do it, using my medium-tech Canon, and post it on my blog for their enjoyment later. I didn’t get their names, but enjoyed doing it for them. Hopefully these pictures are better than the iPhone they had me use after I took these two.


From the Archives

Some of you may have the feeling that you have seen the pictures I’m posting here of late. That is true. When I revamped the blog to make it 98% photography, I deleted every thing from the blog, including that which was already photography. But I still have those photos in my library. I am going through those, republishing the good ones, and trashing the bad ones. So if you see a photo that looks familiar, just think to yourself, “it’s deja vu all over again.”