Virginia Hills

There really is a reason Heidi and I love eastern Tennessee. Within minutes of our home in Bristol, we could drive to places like the following and go for long walks without dying from a heat stroke. Long walks in Texas don’t exist in June, unless they are at 4 a.m. So for the sake of sanity, here are some shots from one of our walks, taken in May of 2015.


Medicinal Stairs

At the bottom of this staircase, where I’m standing to take the picture, is the Watauga River outside of Johnson City, TN. Sitting next to it, as the water rushes by, or even meanders by, is medicinal. Sitting by the river, smoking a cigar and drinking a fine wine is even better. Sitting by the river, smoking a cigar, drinking a fine wine, with my lovely wife is the best.

This is the view from the bottom of the medicinal stairs.