Eating Bulla

Heidi found this restaurant down in Legacy West in Plano to take me for my birthday. We didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so we went at lunch time and had a few appetizers. It was a real treat. I liked the atmosphere, and the waiter was really talkative. The chef even came out to see us to make sure we were happy with our order.

But as is usually the case, everything we had there, Heidi can make or get for much less. She has already mastered one of the items on the appetizer board we ordered. On Sunday, we had the candied walnuts with our lunch. Once again, Heidi’s Kitchen reigns supreme, and we don’t have to worry about leaving a proper tip.

Even so, here are the photos from the day.

I didn’t realize that the name was Bulla Gastrobar. On one level, the names sounds like something that you would need to see a physician to deal with. But I get where they were going with it.

Heidi, listening to our waiter, Matthew. He was quite informative.

Our chef for the day.

A very fine sample of Plano 2019.

The chef’s board, with meats, cheeses, olives, candied walnuts and some kind of fruity dip that was delicious.

The one thing Heidi won’t make at home. It’s really hard to get fresh squid this far inland without paying a lot of money for it.


Cigars International

I’ve really been trying to develop my skills when it comes to taking professional-level portraits. I think I’ve made some improvements in this area, as you can see from my first shot of Gary.

Gary met us a Cigars International last Saturday and treated me to a cigar for my birthday. I was overwhelmed by the size of the humidor and the number of cigars they had available.


Shopping Central Market

Saturday, as part of my birthday outing, we stopped at Central Market to get a few things. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take some pictures as we walked through this mega-grocery store. And we got an unusual treat at the end of our shopping venture.

This one is maximizing the use of my 50 mm, f1.2 lens, which is great for portraits.

Ah yes, because it was my birthday, we had to get some ice cream!

Chocolate marshmallow. Of course, chocolate!


Union’s Fountain

From the archives, September 2010. This is the fountain post that has everything, a fountain, a bell tower, a drenched little boy who fell into the fountain, what more needs to be said?


The Fountain

The following is of the fountain in the entrance of the apartment complex where I live. It’s not particularly a grand fountain. And the pump that keeps it going is rather loud. But it’s worthy of a few pictures.