Thursday Doors — Calvert, TX Part 9

My Thursday Doors friends will have to admit that I go my money’s worth when I stopped in Calvert, TX last falls with my boys and walked around. Here is the 9th installment for Dan’s Thursday Doors. I may have two installments left.

Here are the earlier Calvert posts:

Thursday Doors — Calvert, TX Part 8

1950 Studebaker Champion. This one is the 7th, in case you were counting.

Thursday Doors — Calvert, TX Part 6.

Thursday Doors — Calvert, TX Part 5. The point at which I realized I had a series.

Monochrome Monday: Calvert Oddities. I really love the B&W of the motorcycle through the window. It’s become one of my favorites.

Thursday Doors: On the Edge of Town.

Death of a Washer

Thursday Doors: Saturday Edition — Wash Out I love the way these were washed out. Still haven’t figured out how that happened.

Not sure I agree with this definition of “love.” But apparently that is what it means for one family in Calvert.

I didn’t try it to see if it was comfortable.


All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons, 2022.






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  1. Well, I’m certainly glad you stopped in Calvert. I have enjoyed all the doors you’ve shared. I also appreciate the close-ups of the artifacts. That’s pretty cool stuff.


  2. Wow! I completely forgot my Peugeot seat that I had on my porch for a while, just like that on the floor. What fun! 😀 I love this bench!!


  3. I love that seat – beautiful wood and so well made too.


  4. I like the home grown feeling of these. (K)


  5. Lived 25 years in California, before that in the Netherlands, so I only know where Austin and Dallas are – in which part in Calvert? Great doors here:)


  6. Sorry, I meant in which part is Calvert?


    • Thanks for stopping by. I live in Waco which is in between Dallas and Austin in I-35. If you take Highway 6 east out of Waco, you get to Calvert before getting to College Station, and eventually Houston.

      Since Texas A&M is in College Station, and my Dad’s ranch was beyond that by another 30 miles in Brenham, I’ve driven through Calvert hundreds of times. Only in November with my boys did I finally stop and take some pics.


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