Thursday Doors — Calvert, TX Part 8

Most of these doors were not on the main street of Calvert, but along the railroad track where we found the 1950 Studebaker (see below). I liked the ruggedness of these doors.

This is another edition of Dan’s Thursday Doors. Please follow the link and check out his doors.

Here are the earlier Calvert posts:

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Death of a Washer

Thursday Doors: Saturday Edition — Wash Out I love the way these were washed out. Still haven’t figured out how that happened.

The Doors

Clearly my favorite door from this collection. It looks like a lot of doors should look, well made, and able to keep people out when necessary.

This is a camouflage door. Not all that easy to see.

This is one of those doors that says, “We don’t let you in or out!”

A closer look.

J ADOU? Strange name for a building. But then again, they don’t want us coming in or getting out. So maybe we will just leave them alone.

And finally, a pleasant and inviting door.

All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons, 2022.

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  1. Gates over doors and shutters over gates over windows – yes, please go away. For a group of photos you thought about abandoning, you have found quite a few beauties in here.


  2. Love your finds today, Timothy. My favorites are the first and the one with the vines, although a door within a door is always a good thing.



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