Thursday Doors — Calvert, TX Part 5

Once again, Thursday Doors is coming from the grand metropolis of Calvert, TX. This is the fifth installment, and I hope you are not getting bored with it. For two months, the pictures did nothing for me and I almost dumped them all. I did dump some of them. Suddenly, last week, I liked what I saw.

Here are the other posts from Calvert:

Monochrome Monday: Calvert Oddities. I really love the B&W of the motorcycle through the window. It’s become one of my favorites.

Thursday Doors: On the Edge of Town.

Death of a Washer

Thursday Doors: Saturday Edition — Wash Out I love the way these were washed out. Still haven’t figured out how that happened.

Even with all the photos, I keep thinking I should have spent more time there. But I think that upon any shoot. These are all part of Dan’s Thursday Doors Challenge. Go there and give the other a look.

I really like this one because you can also see a set of doors across the street reflected in the window.

Here are some of the contents of the store, to which I like to say: “for those who like this sort of junk, this is the sort of junk you will like.” I’m borrowing that from Abraham Lincoln. He wasn’t big on knick knack antiques either. (Go here for the quote).

Again, you can see the red doors across the street.

We have both a “Open” and “Sorry we are Closed” sign. It was closed.

For those people who need a sign letting them know that they are home.

Another growing picture. It had to grow on me. I love the texture of the brick and plaster, as well as the multiple shapes of the windows and frames. My wife pointed out that the bricks make the shape of the United States, and the blue down in the right hand corner look like Australia.

All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons, 2022. 

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  1. I am so glad you didn’t toss these. I don’t want that junk in my house, but I love looking at it The reflections are pretty cool. These were definitely worth saving and sharing.


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