1950 Studebaker Champion

As my sons and I were walking through Calvert taking pictures of doors, we heard the whistle of an approaching train. The tracks passed a block north of town and I immediately thought about getting a depth-of-field shot of the approaching train. We ran for the tracks, but the train beat us through town. As we rounded the corner of the last building, we spotted a 1950 Studebaker sitting next to the tracks. What a find.

Some History

The company started in the 1800s by five German brothers, the Studebakers, by making coaches and wagons. Apparently they were astute enough to see the writing on the wall at the turn of the century and started producing cars, an electric car (way ahead of their time) in 1903, and their first gasoline car in 1904 . Their cars had a great reputation for being durable and well made.

But alas, cash flow problems, a merger with the Packard automotive company, and then being bought out by an electric company brought about the end of the company in 1969.

The one below is a 1950 Champion model. You can find them for sale around $20,000 if you are interested.

All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons, 2022.

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  1. What a find! Enjoyed your pics, especially the one with your reflection. 😊


  2. What a find! Enjoyed your pics, especially the one with your reflection. 😊


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