Trains in Blue

I took my boys to TrainTopia here in Frisco, which is a miniature train museum. I thought it was a great opportunity to combine two hobbies, photography and trains. The best pictures were those that had the night lighting, giving everything the blue hue.

The layout cost about $1 million to build, and was done so by an oil man, Steve Sanders in his North Dallas home. It was recently moved to Frisco for the museum. It has quite a story and you can read more about it here.


Trains and Tracks

I think I actually love model trains more than I love real trains. But I still love trains. If I lived closer to the sea, I would probably love ships and boats and things as well. Given the distance from the gulf, I will have to settle for trains. Here is a compilation of the train and track pictures I’ve taken the past couple of years.