According to Japanese legend, the spirits, known as Kamikazes (divine winds), aided them in the defense of their island when the Mongols attempted to invade under the rule of Kublai Khan in 1281. Twice the younger Khan sent a fleet of more than 700 ships to invade the island, and twice he was repulsed, not by the Japanese, but by the monsoon winds. The legendary winds were seen as divine favor by the Japanese. They also looked to the winds during World War II, naming a certain breed of pilots as Kamikazes, since they would divinely fly their airplanes into the side of enemy ships in order to sink them. Apparently the divine favor they thought they had, had run its course, given the fact that the plan was a complete failure.

But all that has be lost on carnival goers. For them, Kamikaze was a ride for four credits off your carnival credit card (each credit is worth $1). I took my boys on Saturday so I could take pictures, and they could spend 4 credits each, to ride the ode to the divine winds.

Obviously Excited to Ride


Starbucks Goes to the Museum

As I said before, we made a trip inside the Frisco Heritage Museum on Saturday in order to help Heidi with a Starbucks gig. Starbucks was providing coffee and pastries to the museum for a lecture on the Crash at Crush, a famous 1890’s spectacle involving two steam engines pointed toward one another at a high rate of speed. The crash was so explosive, that two people were killed from flying shrapnel and Scott Joplin wrote a song about the event.

Below are pictures of the museum along with the Starbuck’s staff that provided free coffee and pastries to those in attendance. The crew consisted of my lovely wife Heidi, Eddie, and Taylor.


Happy Anniversary Bekah and Tyler

Last October, our youngest daughter Bekah got married and they asked me to be the “official” photographer. I was more than happy to do so, especially since it justified getting a new camera. The camera I bought was not top of the line, but one that I could get for a fairly decent price at the Canon website. But…it was a huge improvement over and above my previous camera, which was a second generation Canon Rebel, that I got back in 2004. All the recent pictures you see are with the newer camera.

But, this is not about photography. It’s about a wedding. In which, I was the photographer. It was our gift to Bekah and Tyler for me to take the pictures, edit them, and put them into a photo album for them. I think that was a wonderful gift. But again, this isn’t about what I did…it’s about the fact that I have pictures. I have a way to share them. And, I can say, “Happy anniversary Bekah and Tyler! May the LORD bless you with many, many more anniversaries.”

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The Fightin’ Texas Aggies Band

From the archives, September 2013. I took the boys to a game that started at 2:30 p.m. It was so hot, we ended leaving because Joey was getting overheated just sitting there. I thought it appropriate to post this today, since the Aggies are not playing until next week when they face the Alabama Crimson Tide. I’m not hopeful about the outcome of that game. Let it be known, I’m thinking the Aggies go 7-5 this year. And as I have learned from being in the SEC, that when your team is having a bad years, it’s because the entire conference is having an off year.


Babe’s Chicken

In my need for texture, I present Babe’s Chicken. Those who follow my blog know that I live in the Frisco, TX area, a city that is only 12 minutes old. Everything is new. Well, almost everything. Given that, the new stuff seems to look all the same after a while and I needed some texture. I needed something that was weathered and has stood the test of time. That is why I walked over to Babe’s Chicken. While the restaurant is not very old, the building is full of character. I didn’t go inside. I probably can’t afford it. So the outside will have to do.



Class Project

While substituting an outdoor education class at an area high school, I had to give an assignment where the students went outside to take pictures of the area plant life, animals, and insects using the Seek app on their phones. I loaded it up on my phone as well, and decided to see how many samples of plants I could find. While I was only using my iPhone, and the app, which renders most of the pictures rather narrow, I did get a few shots I thought I would share with you.

As for the names of the plants below: weeds, bushes, and grasses will have to do. I’m too lazy to look in the app to see the names and type them out. I will say that on the first day I took a picture of the beetle, it was a fiery searcher beetle. The next day, it turned into a green fig beetle. Not sure how that happened. But I guess the app is a bit hit and miss.

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Retired from Service

I’ve been an amateur photographer since 1976 when I saved up my money and bought a Canon Ftb. With the exception of being a professional for the Texas A&M yearbook staff in the late 1980s, and few sports gigs for newspapers, I’ve maintained my amateur status. I have taken easily a hundred thousand photos. Most of those were usable for the moment, many of them good, a few of them that were great and one or two that made me step back and wonder how I did that. I’m not sure why, but the two photos of the firetruck below fall into that last category. I was truly surprised at how well they turned out.

Part of the reason for that was that I was surprised when I found the firetruck. The discovery began when I grew tired of the modernism of Frisco, which I’ve mentioned before, and spotted Babe’s Chicken next to the Heritage Museum. The Heritage Museum is nothing to look at, given its newness, but Babe’s Chicken had enough character to get my attention. The building has been around for a while.

I walked around Babe’s taking shots, and then spotted a sidewalk and another building with even more character next to Babe’s. I immediately moved in that direction, taking pictures. It was an old garage and I spotted a beautiful old firetruck inside. It was spotless. I started looking for a way to take some pictures, and spotted a missing board in the side of the garage. The gap left just enough room for me to get my camera inside to snap a few pictures. I hope you like them as much as I do.