Top 10 Posts of 2021!

Time for a review of the top 10 photography posts of 2021. I have two categories of posts, photography and theological, therefore I will put together two posts instead of combining them.

Since converting my blog from a typical blog, in which I commented on everything from a Christian stand point, to a photography blog, my stats have fallen. 2016 was my biggest year, with 83,000 views. In 2021, I had 7,100 views.

It’s much more peaceful now that I focus on photography (pun intended).

But even so, I still had 10 posts that rose above the rest. Here are the top 10 photography posts:

  1. Out and About: Rudy’s A Bull Rider and a Smile. Jonathan Chase, the subject of this post, apparently has more friends than I do. This post garnered 134 hits. It was also one of the most fun posts I had for the year.
  2. Chuy! Waco High School Graduating Class of 2021. This too was a fun post to put together because I had the wonderful opportunity of walking with one of my students in his graduation.
  3. Finding a Spouse on Christian Mingle. This one was actually written back in 2015, but had a resurgence during the year because some people asked me about finding a spouse on the internet. For Heidi and me, it worked wonderfully. But it’s not for everyone.
  4. 60 Years! Ah yes, turning 60 years old in the last calendar year. Apparently, this is quite popular among those people I grew up with.
  5. Thursday “Missing” Doors. I would have thought a Thursday Doors challenge would have come in much higher, but no. This one is about the doors that we not there.
  6. Thursday Doors — March 4, 2021. These are doors I didn’t really like, but were popular among the photographers of the challenge.
  7. Happy Birthday Dad! A post about my Dad turning 90!
  8. On This Date — Notes From My Dad. This post was based on something he shared on Facebook about flying.
  9. Family Pics. Also from my Father’s 90th birthday party.
  10. Johnson City Walls. Some of the art work in and around downtown Johnson City, TN.

Thus concludes the top 10 photo posts of 2021. Below are some of the photos from the  posts. As usual, all photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons, 2022.


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  1. I would have a very hard time picking a favorite from among your photos, but the missing door would be in my top few.


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