Thursday Doors — March 4, 2021

I took these pictures for Dan’s Thursday Doors competition and have been reluctant to use them. I don’t like the building. When I pulled over to take pictures of it, I thought it might be interesting. But I don’t like it.

Still, wanting to add something to the mix, here is my entry for the day, an abandoned building with a caboose sticking out of the end of it.


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  1. I can see your point Tim, but they are interesting doors. I’m a little perplexed about the caboose. Looks like a waste of a perfectly good train car. As usual, your photography is excellent.


  2. Interesting how that piece of rolling stock has been repurposed and I guess that ornate circular window would have made more sense seen on the original building.


  3. That’s not something you see every day. Good you captured it even if it’s not your favorite.


  4. Lots of interesting details here, but that caboose at the back is definitely the most interesting/curious bit. 🙂



  5. Even though I didn’t like these pictures initially, they did publish well…


  6. What in the world! My, this was the building, all full of curious goodies! Where was this building and what part of town was it in? GREAT PHOTOS!

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  7. The building is not all that special, but your photography sure is. Love that you published pics in black and white — the details stand out!

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