Celebrating Heidi’s Birthday

Heidi and I celebrated her 65th birthday yesterday. We rejoice that the LORD has blessed her with so many years, so many experiences, both challenging and filled with joy. With each passing year we are given, we know and trust the LORD to grow us in faith and grace.

Given the blessing the day is to both of us, I thought I would share a few shots from the simple things we enjoyed, which included, two new coffee cups for our morning ritual, and a trip to the Frisco square, where she gladly let me take her picture. She is the most beautiful and cooperative model. 

I bought her two new Le Creuset mugs for our morning coffee.

She is my favorite model, and the most beautiful.

A coworker gave her some birthday pastries. I ate the lemon cup cake. It was delicious.

I loved the way the wind was blowing her hair.

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  1. Thank you for the beautiful day. And our new mugs!


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