The Swingy Thingy

There is always that one ride. The swingy thingy was it. The line, which was non-existent when my boys arrived, was long. Then they had to sit in the chairs for a while. Finally, the ride started, and they rode it for such a short time, I almost missed it. It was not worth the money paid. But then again, that is the case with most of the rides at a carnival.

The Long Wait

The Short Ride


How do I?

To my photography followers,

The earlier post I sent out today, via email, was unintended. I’m trying to post non-photography posts in a way that you do not receive it, because I’m quite certain you are probably not interested in it. When I published the post the first time, I made it private so that you would not be bothered by an email of that post. Then, when I changed it to public, because I do want some readers to view it if possible, it sent the email out.

Does anyone know how I can make a single post, without sending out emails to all my subscribers?

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According to Japanese legend, the spirits, known as Kamikazes (divine winds), aided them in the defense of their island when the Mongols attempted to invade under the rule of Kublai Khan in 1281. Twice the younger Khan sent a fleet of more than 700 ships to invade the island, and twice he was repulsed, not by the Japanese, but by the monsoon winds. The legendary winds were seen as divine favor by the Japanese. They also looked to the winds during World War II, naming a certain breed of pilots as Kamikazes, since they would divinely fly their airplanes into the side of enemy ships in order to sink them. Apparently the divine favor they thought they had, had run its course, given the fact that the plan was a complete failure.

But all that has be lost on carnival goers. For them, Kamikaze was a ride for four credits off your carnival credit card (each credit is worth $1). I took my boys on Saturday so I could take pictures, and they could spend 4 credits each, to ride the ode to the divine winds.

Obviously Excited to Ride


My Father’s House

Back in March 2014, my father took me and my boys down to Galveston, TX, and we were able to tour the house where he was born and grew up on Ball Street. The house was built before the 1900 hurricane (the worst hurricane in U.S. history) and most recently survived Hurricane Ike. It’s a well-built home.

The family lived in this house until after World War II when they moved to Houston.

Childhood Bedroom

Out on the balcony, my father told us that this was where his bedroom was growing up. It was closed in, but not with much which made the winter’s especially hard. The cold, wet winds off the gulf in the winter can be brutal.


1940’s Hurricane

The house was hit by a hurricane in the early 1940s, but since there was a war going on, most people don’t know about that one. My dad told the story that they were sitting down to each lunch after church on Sunday, when the chimney came crashing through the roof into the room where they were eating (see photo above of him pointing up at the ceiling where the chimney fell through.) He was about 12 at the time. He said his father calmly suggested they take their food downstairs and finish lunch. My dad wanted to make sure and get some of the fried chicken, so he grabbed two chicken legs, and stuffed them in his pockets and went down stairs to eat.


Starbucks Goes to the Museum

As I said before, we made a trip inside the Frisco Heritage Museum on Saturday in order to help Heidi with a Starbucks gig. Starbucks was providing coffee and pastries to the museum for a lecture on the Crash at Crush, a famous 1890’s spectacle involving two steam engines pointed toward one another at a high rate of speed. The crash was so explosive, that two people were killed from flying shrapnel and Scott Joplin wrote a song about the event.

Below are pictures of the museum along with the Starbuck’s staff that provided free coffee and pastries to those in attendance. The crew consisted of my lovely wife Heidi, Eddie, and Taylor.


Check the Silver

Made a trip inside the Frisco Heritage Museum on Saturday in order to help Heidi with a Starbucks gig. Starbucks was providing coffee and pastries to the museum for a lecture on the Crash at Crush, a famous 1890’s spectacle involving two steam engines pointed toward one another at a high rate of speed. While they were setting up for the event, having had way more coffee than I needed, I ventured into the museum with my camera. This is a sampling the the trophy case. But please, don’t ask me what the trophies were for. I wasn’t paying attention to that.


Cross Country in Canton

Andrew, my oldest son, had a cross-country meet in Canton, TX, earlier this week. I was able to attend and managed to take a few shots. Since I’m not much into sports photography, I was surprised at some of the shots I captured.

You will see that he finished in 11:35, which we think is a decent time. Because of all the rain, they altered the course, and no one was sure how far they were actually running. They said it was about a mile and a half, but no one was sure about that.

You may also notice that Andrew is the tallest runner out there. Cross country is very similar to the marathon. It goes to the guy who is 5’2″ tall and weighs 90 lbs. I’m still proud of him for getting out there and giving it his best.

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Happy Anniversary Bekah and Tyler

Last October, our youngest daughter Bekah got married and they asked me to be the “official” photographer. I was more than happy to do so, especially since it justified getting a new camera. The camera I bought was not top of the line, but one that I could get for a fairly decent price at the Canon website. But…it was a huge improvement over and above my previous camera, which was a second generation Canon Rebel, that I got back in 2004. All the recent pictures you see are with the newer camera.

But, this is not about photography. It’s about a wedding. In which, I was the photographer. It was our gift to Bekah and Tyler for me to take the pictures, edit them, and put them into a photo album for them. I think that was a wonderful gift. But again, this isn’t about what I did…it’s about the fact that I have pictures. I have a way to share them. And, I can say, “Happy anniversary Bekah and Tyler! May the LORD bless you with many, many more anniversaries.”

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