Midweek Photo: Watching a Still Life

From our trip down to Brenhan, TX. I added the watch because I thought it would make it interesting, however, my lovely wife informed me it would have been a better picture without the watch. Please vote below in the poll!

I didn’t add the coffee cup on this one. It was there. I thought it would be from Starbucks, but apparently the workers who keep my father’s lawn couldn’t afford Starbucks.


Photo of the Week:Elegant Hand!

My lovely wife has started polishing her nails now that she no longer works for Starbucks, (Starbucks forbids their employees from painting their nails) and I love it. She has treated me to maroon, off-white, off-grey, blue and fiery red. I took this picture thinking it would be great in color, but I liked the effect I found on Adobe Photoshop Express.


Photo of the Week:Be an Indie!

While on vacation in Brenham, TX, Heidi and I hunted down the ever elusive Independence Coffee Co. It used to be about 5 miles from my father’s home, but was moved to a larger location heading out on US 290 from downtown Brenham. Also, it’s next to the bowling alley. They have a sign for it, but you need a magnifying glass to read it, especially driving at 55 mph. But we did find it and were able to pick up some of their Laughing Donkey coffee, which is their espresso roast.

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Picture of the Week: SunRISE

On a good morning, I take Heidi to work at Starbucks and then sit, read some wonderful theological treatise, and drink my coffee. This week, I was greeted with this sun rise as I came out of Starbucks. I had to drive to another location to get a decent view, and spent some time setting up the camera on my tripod. I’m trying to bring out the rich colors. Not as easy as it sounds.

How I Like to Read a Book

Those who follow my blog might notice that I’m still reading a book I started back in July, when I made some posts about the book then. Unfortunately, I haven’t spent a lot of time in the book since then. When August rolled around, I was busy getting ready to teach, and once the school year started, I was done reading anything other than my Bible and a few commentaries as I prepared for sermons on Sunday.

But things have opened up a bit in the last few weeks, and I’ve found quite a bit of time to start reading again. When I read a great book, I don’t want to fly through it, but to read slowly, think about what the author is saying, and even take notes as I read. This is how I read through Calvin’s Institutes so many years ago while at seminary. I was taking an independent study course with Dr. John Hannah with the expressed purpose of reading slowly through the Institutes. It took me a full year to finish reading it. At the end of the course, Dr. Hannah asked, “so what grade to you think you deserve?” I had to think about it for a minute. I gave myself a B+ and he was satisfied.

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The Apostle Paul Says We Don’t Have to Boycott Target

Just about every six months or so, there is some group calling on all Christians to boycott company X or company Y, because the company supports some ungodly cause. For some, the boycott is cathartic in that itĀ gives them the sense that they are doing something about the evil that persists in the world. But the reality for the believer is that we can still shop atĀ Target, Starbucks, and even attend football games put on by the NCAA without damaging our witness as believers. There is no need to have our consciences bound by these new calls for righteousness, especially since our righteousness comes from Christ alone, not our boycotts of the wicked.

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Wow! Starbucks Aids Christian Couple In Spite of Pagan Coffee Cups

I remember years ago, wanting to get all my Christian friends together to boycott everything Disney because they were allowing for a Gay Pride day at Disney World. “How could this wholesome corporation, that was so family oriented, betray all those families by letting gay people have their own day?

That was my question. We needed to stop Disney. Then a brother, who was a bit wiser than me, pointed out that Disney was in Orlando and a lot of Christians actually worked for Disney. By boycotting Disney we would be hurting our dear brothers and sisters who made their living working for the godless corporation.

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