Monochrome Monday: Pine Creek Country Inn

Heidi and I took off for an evening over in Nacogdoches again. We were meeting up with a pastor and his wife on Saturday night, and then attending church on Sunday morning. In the meantime, after our last visit there and the experience of staying in a disComfort Inn Suites, she went to work finding something off the beaten path.

Pine Creek Country Inn was deep enough in the woods that we didn’t have cell phone service, wifi, or internet. About the only use for our phones was telling the time, playing Toon Blast, and taking pictures. Which is why I have some pics this morning.

It is the perfect place to get away. We needed peace and quiet that comes deep inside a forest, away from the constant and irritating hum of a city, the never ending flash of the news cycle on social-media and all they hype therein. The only thing we forgot was a good book to read. However, we did have the Good Book and spent time reading that, which was far more profitable.

Overall, a great place to rest for a day or two.

I’m not sure what makes a section of the woods a bird sanctuary, but they claimed we were in one. I didn’t see any birds to speak of. Now cats????

Lots of cats. Hhm? Don’t cats chase and eat birds? Seems like there was some educational films regarding the phenomenon when I was a kid, involving a bird named Tweety.

We stayed in room number 20. It’s one of the cheapest rooms at the place. It’s just a bathroom and a bedroom. The rest of the lodging were actual cabins.

Just a tad bit too cold.

Did I mention cats?

All photos are copyright © Timothy J Hammons, 2021. 

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  1. That looks like a wonderful place to stay. I’m trying to remember the last time I stayed in a place with a real key. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos!


  2. I liked the cats! And my time away with YOU!


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