Thursday Doors — The Alamo Club

The Alamo Club was another one of my discoveries down in the Lowest Greenville area of Dallas. It’s named after the famed battle in which Texans and Texians lost against the overly cruel Santa Anna and his forces in the war of Texas Independence. “Remember the Alamo” became a battle cry of those who won independence from the despot.

But given that it was 9 a.m., the Alamo Club was closed and I was unable to go inside and order anything. If I did, I think I would order a Macallan clean. I saw that ordered in a movie we recently watched, The God Committee, and I’m not sure what is meant by clean. So… I would put it to the test and see what came back.

Here are the doors. This post is part of Dan’s Thursday Doors, in which you will find some of the most interesting doors from all parts of the world if you follow the links in the comments section. It’s worth a perusal.

All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons 2021.

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  1. Very nice doors, Tim. I especially like the B&W photos.


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