See’s Famous Old Time Candies

Heidi treated me to See’s Famous Old Time Candies, which was only a mere 2 miles from our apartment back in the DFW area… now that we moved south by several hours. I wonder if she planned that. (And admitted that it was safe to finally take me there).

But nonetheless, I can’t remember ever having such delicious chocolate candy. I might have had it in the past. I just don’t remember. Given my love for chocolate, I am glad that Heidi didn’t take me there when we lived close by. I might of done something crazy like given up cigars, so I could buy See’s chocolate. I know, crazy huh?

O wait, I did give up cigars… and golf… and… well, apparently lots of things.

The point is that she bought me a box of their nuts and chews. So far, I’ve had one piece, the dark chocolate scotch mallow, which was a taste of heaven. It is chocolate, of course, butterscotch and marshmallow. I think the marshmallow industry could learn a thing or two about making marshmallows from the See’s Candy company.


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