The Church and the Attack of Satan

Edisto Church

In Martyn Lloyd-Jones book, The Church and the Last Things, he points out four ways that the devil sets out to attack the church. Drawing from the book of Revelation, he shows that the devil draws from different agencies in order to attack the church. The first agency is that of the government. Referring to the beast found in Revelation 13, he writes:

… this beast is meant to represent the secular powers of the world as they are used by the devil to frustrate God’s plans and destroy the Church. The four beasts in Daniel represent specify secular powers. Now here is beast that stands for all of them together — secular power itself. In the time of John, of course,┬áit was the Roman Empire, and perhaps even before that the Jews themselves. But since then it has been many other secular powers.

As we look at our own government we can see these truths being played out as well. The government, which is intended for the well-being of mankind and the peace of the Church, is now being used against the Church and the people of God. Every time a judge rules against the convictions of the saints on behalf of government-ordained sin, we see this reality. Every time the government uses its power to silence Christians and attempt to run them out of the marketplace of ideas, we see this.

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Revelation is a Blessing to the Believer

I have been listening to the sermons on the book of Revelation at Grace Family Baptist Church, a Reformed Baptist church for several months and I can’t express just how comforting those sermons are to me in this world that is filled with so much depravity. Even though there are all these judgments taking place in the book of Revelation, we see God’s hand in all of it. I believe all the judgments found there are and have been taking place since Christ’s first ascension and His final judgment will occur once He returns in all His glory.

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The Counterfeit Bride

I’ve really enjoyed the sermons by Voddie Baucham on Revelation, especially this three on Revelation 17. There we find the story of the beast and his counterfeit bride, the great prostitute known as Babylon.

In the beginning of chapter 17, the harlot is riding on top of the beast, at the end of 17, she is destroyed by the beast. It is almost shocking for anyone who reads such because they ask: “how is it that the beast that loved her, could destroy her?” The answer is found in the nature of the beast. The beast’s nature is to destroy and kill.

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