Thursday Doors — The Big White Generic Building in Some Unknown Location in the Northern Hemisphere

Another building my boys and I stopped by to examine. This was the building where justice takes place and we are not stating the location due to the video at the bottom of this post. Apparently, there are these things called “no-fly” zones when it comes to… drones. Let’s just say that a member of my family failed to inform me of such zones until after some thingy flew threw the zone in question. I have since forbidden him from doing so again.

The conversation actually led to the great Thursday Doors from last week. He wanted to fly the drone around THAT courthouse and I told him to go inside and ask permission first. He was denied permission on the basis that the sheriff’s department didn’t have the authority to grant it. The no-fly zones are given by some authority higher up in the multitude of authorities.

I hope you enjoy both the stills and the video.

This is part of Dan’s Thursday Doors challenge. Be sure to check out the doors for the day via his site.

The doors were not that impressive, but the building was.

And since someone in our party had a drone, here is a video of the building.

All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons, 2022.


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  1. Excellent photos and I enjoyed the video you found laying on the sidewalk. Many drones now have GPS and are aware of the no-fly zones. We have several zones around here, as we are only 2 miles from the airport, Thanks for sharing this.


  2. doors and more today
    and side note: drones are so cool – my son has had a couple and his recent one is awesome – and the closing video was fun!


  3. great title and interesting video


  4. Certainly an impressive building and I love your title. 🙂



  5. Hihhhi, rather hilarious. At first I thought: How can he not know the name of this huge building? 😀 Also, let me use this opportunity and ask you why you removed the ugly bridges post. I saw it among the links at Cee’s but now I see it that it no longer exists. Were they really so ugly? 😀 😀


    • Hi Manja, Yes, they were that ugly. The entire ordeal left a bad taste in my mouth and I couldn’t stand the photos on my blog. Has that ever happened to you? Take a picture, and what you thought would be something worth looking at, it makes you cringe. That’s happened to me a few times here of late. I think I might be either getting more picky or more refined in what I like and don’t like. I hope you understand and sorry you missed it.

      Go to My Favorites and My Favorites 2 and you will find some good bridge pictures.

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      • Ohhh, never mind bridges, even though that golden under-the-bridge one is marvellous – you’ve got such spectacular portraits!! And I love many others too, such as the saxophone. But yes, I know what you mean. I often have the time of my life taking photos and then I see them on the big screen and blahhh.

        Liked by 1 person

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