Thursday Doors — Bosque County Courthouse

AS I mentioned in my preview yesterday, I spotted the Bosque County Courthouse several times driving west on Highway 6. It’s not actually on Highway 6, but down the road a few miles. The boys and I drover over on Tuesday and had a blast exploring the courthouse.

This is part of Dan’s Thursday Doors Challenge.

At this point, I was wondering if the building was open. Since I usually shoot on the weekends, most buildings are closed. To our delight, we saw that it was.

The courthouse was built in 1886 and refurbished in 2007. The deputy sheriff we spoke with inside said they took great pains to keep the building as original as possible.


I was really grateful they had the clock tower on the perimeter of the building instead of in the center. This came out a bit Gothic. Heidi said all we needed were some bats to circle the tower.

Andy brought his drone with him, and wanted to make sure it was OK to fly it around the courthouse. I told him to go inside and ask. After walking all around the building, the boys still had not come out. So I ventured inside and found a lot more to shoot.

These were the doors into the men’s bathroom. Yup. It used to be a vault.

The deputy sheriff told us they went to a lot of trouble to keep the original hinges.

The stairs were manufactured in Detroit.

The company that made the stairs.

Looking up the stairs at the courtroom doors. No, I didn’t go inside the courtroom.

Andy and Joey.

All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons, 2022.

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  1. What a great find, Timothy! I’m glad you stopped. It’s an impressive building although in B&W it certainly can look ominous and make me see the bat idea. 🙂 I like that they’re keeping it as original as possible.



  2. What a stunning building. I like the upward angle of many of your shots. It’s wonderful that you included the beautifully made hinges too. Hugs on the wing!


  3. What a fantastic building! I love that they kept the renovations close to original, including that marvelous hardware. Your photos are great. I like the black and white ones and I really like the close-up photos of the stairs. Great tour. I can see why the boys got stuck inside.

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  4. I enjoyed our chat while you visited the Courthouse. It’s always a pleasure to meet people so passionate about their art, and wonderful to see your sons following in your footsteps.
    – The Deputy at the Courthouse.
    ps The photos are beautiful.


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