I Finally Finished Walking With Destiny

Last night, I finally finished Andrew Roberts’ excellent book Churchill: Walking with Destiny. It took me more than a year to read it. I figure since it’s about Churchill’s life, I shouldn’t be able to fly through the book in a couple of months. After all, it took Churchill 91 years to live his life, it should take us a bit of time to read about his life.

Here are other articles I wrote while reading the book:

Colonization: Good or Evil? Or Both?

Winston Churchill, My Father, Good Cigars

The Iconic Churchill: A Story for My Fellow Photographers

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  1. Will add this to my ‘to read’ list.


  2. Yes – a long and great book on a great man.


    • Yes he was. At the end, Roberts actually dealt with the nonsense that is going about on the internet, trying to show Winston to be a monster. It’s refreshing to actually read a historian on the issue.


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