Thursday Doors — Retired From Service

Some photos are just too good not to share again. I ran this before getting involved in Thursday Doors. I did a quick check, and my first Thursday Doors was run on April 30, 2020, back before Dan was hosting (no need looking for it. I’ve since dumped the post due to excessively large photos. WordPress only gives me about 13 gigs of space, and I was running out of room publishing photos at 15 megs a piece.)

Here is the original post:

I’ve been an amateur photographer since 1976 when I saved up my money and bought a Canon Ftb. With the exception of being a professional for the Texas A&M yearbook staff in the late 1980s, and few sports gigs for newspapers, I’ve maintained my amateur status. I have taken easily a hundred thousand photos. Most of those were usable for the moment, many of them good, a few of them that were great and one or two that made me step back and wonder how I did that. I’m not sure why, but the two photos of the firetruck below fall into that last category. I was truly surprised at how well they turned out.

Part of the reason for that was that I was surprised when I found the firetruck. The discovery began when I grew tired of the modernism of Frisco, which I’ve mentioned before, and spotted Babe’s Chicken next to the Heritage Museum. The Heritage Museum is nothing to look at, given its newness, but Babe’s Chicken had enough character to get my attention. The building has been around for a while.

I walked around Babe’s taking shots, and then spotted a sidewalk and another building with even more character next to Babe’s. I immediately moved in that direction, taking pictures. It was an old garage and I spotted a beautiful old firetruck inside. It was spotless. I started looking for a way to take some pictures, and spotted a missing board in the side of the garage. The gap left just enough room for me to get my camera inside to snap a few pictures. I hope you like them as much as I do.

This is now officially a part of Dan’s Thursday Doors.

All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons, 2022. 


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  1. I love the firetruck doors! The other photos and doors are also wonderful, but you’re right about the firetruck. I can’t believe it’s that garage and is spotless. I wonder how often someone wipes it down.

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  2. Love those doors and that car. 😀 😀 I take it you figured out you can make your photos real small. I use 700×700 pixels.

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    • Thanks for the tip. I still have quite a few that I either need to replace or trash. Sadly, while I enjoyed posting many of the photos in the past, the effort to replace them doesn’t ever seem to override the ease to delete them. 🙂


  3. Wow, that firetruck is awesome!! I enjoyed the shabby chic doors as well. I’m glad you revived these.


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