Thursday Doors — My Doctor’s Office

I was early for the appointment with my chiropractor so I decided to take some photos of the fourth floor of the office building downtown. I’m not sure of the building’s name or when it was built, but it was interesting.

This is part of Dan’s Thursday Doors.

This photo was on top of the refrigerator in the break room.

Exactly when this event took place is beyond my knowledge. Apparently it was done during a day when they would shut down a street to have a banquet.

The waiting room for my chiropractor.

A typical door on the floor.

I like what my doctor did with this door.

The artwork on his wall says a lot. He told me he spent more than a year in South Africa helpingย  a ministry group working with children born with Aids. They would mostly play with the children, but they built houses, fixed up older ones, working with the children as much as possible, getting them the necessary medicines they needed. Quite a ministry.

Reminded me of private detective’s office from a 1940s movie.

The safe in the break room. We know that every break room needs a good safe.

The offices across the hallway. I love the lighting.




Down the hall…

The elevator… that is no longer in service.


The tile on the floor.

The stairway.

The unused elevator shaft on the first floor. They have put it to good use.

All photos are copyright ยฉ Timothy J. Hammons, 2022.

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  1. I love these photos, Tim! What a wonderful building, and your chose such interesting angles and captured great light. Your doctor sounds like a great human being.Thanks so much for sharing these with us.


  2. A great building – like a time capsule – so glad it hasn’t been ‘modernised’. Definitely the kind of place a 1940’s private detective would have his office. All you need to complete the scene is the reflection of a flashing neon sign from the sleazy girlie joint opposite!


  3. A great find! The elevator coffee area is pretty cool too! One must have coffee options ๐Ÿ™‚


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