Thursday Doors — 16th Street Baptist Church

While Heidi and I were in Birmingham, AL., we were able to stop by 16th Street Baptist Church, the church where Martin Luther King Jr. was a pastor until his death in 1968. It was closed, so we couldn’t go inside. I did manage a few shots of the exterior.

This is part of Dan’s Thursday Doors challenge


It is customary for church’s to put a distinct cornerstone in their structures as a reminder that the true church, not the building, is built upon the everlasting Cornerstone, Christ. He was a stone the builders rejected, and He became the chief cornerstone.


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  1. What a wonderful treat, to see this church. Thank you for adding the information about the cornerstone. The building and doors are beautiful, and you photos highlight that beauty so well. Thanks for sharing this with Thursday Doors.


  2. Beautiful doors and some lovely brickwork.



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