Thursday Doors — Hardeman House Nacogdoches, TX

Heidi and I have traveling down to a fine art. It may not look like it, but we know what we want with us when we go, and we load it all up so that whether we are staying in a low-dollar hotel, like we did on Friday night, or an historic B&B, we have everything with us to make it enjoyable.

For instance, we ALWAYS take our own coffee maker, coffee, cups, cream, and sweetener, so that our morning coffee is just right. Morning coffee is really important to both of us. She was a barrister for Starbucks for 12 years, so she knows what she likes in a coffee and what she doesn’t like. And I agree with her when it comes to coffee. Dark is the best, in bed before 6 a.m., fluffy if possible (fluffy coffee is blended on high, with coconut oil and MCT oil. It’s delicious.)

The point is that when we go stay at a place, it’s always special for us because we take what we need to make it like home. The Hardeman House in Nacogdoches, TX was one of those places we were able to enjoy for a night, and a morning filled with our own coffee. I also had part of the breakfast. We really enjoyed the antique setting, which is much better than the typical replicated feel of the modern hotel.

This post is for Dan’s Thursday Doors. Check out the doors on his post, and the others who participate.

The Angelina Room was where we stayed. The other rooms had names as well. Angelina was an Indian of fame for the area back before Texas became a state.

Named after Davey Crocket, king of the wild frontier.

The selfie from our room before church.

All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons, 2022.

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  1. Lovely doors and a lovely couple in the mirror. The photos from inside are beautiful. I love the rich dark woodwork. I agree with your thoughts on morning coffee I never have gone to such lengths as taking a coffee maker, but I have called hotels to find which type of coffee maker they offer, so I can bring my brew in appropriate form.

    Thanks for sharing your visit with Thursday Doors.


  2. What a beautiful place. 😊


  3. A wonderful building and a truly lovely selfie. 🙂


  4. Love the selfie. 🙂 They did a great job of decorating at the B&B. I mostly drink tea and if I try to make tea in the coffeemaker, it always tastes of coffee. 😦 It makes sense to know what enhances or is necessary for your comfort and fun and then to do it if at all possible.


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  5. Hi! The selfie at the end was awesome
    And your honey being a barista for 12 years means she truly knows coffee- and with the -Starbucks mention – last summer we were at the cocoa beach Starbucks and it was late afternoon. My mother gets Capp and egg whites and I really just wanted black coffee! Anyhow – we picked up the order and I looked down – and it had all that foam – not fluffy like you noted – but it she did a pour over for me! And I smiled and thanked her so much ! It was a gift and the day was long and drab!
    So I can relate to why you travel with coffee maker – coffeee- and even cups!
    At my MIL’s house they drink the Maxwell House –
    Blah! So we went and got a tin of our own freeze dried and it rescued us!
    At hotels – I also bring my own blanket and pillow (when possible )


    • Maxwell House? Ugh! When we stay with other people, we always bring some instant coffee because most people make their coffee really weak. That way, we can add a spoonful to strengthen it a bit, and darken it a bit as well. It’s a rescue package. 🙂

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      • The small tin of coffee we grabbed was excellent and I had it later at home for an occasional evening coffee. I never thought about adding it to what was already made – but not sure I would like the mixed tast (I really
        Dislike maxwell house hahaha)


  6. PS – the doors were great too- and I like when they name the rooms


  7. Not having your own kind of coffee, or even lacking one key ingredient is the worst! Good share this week 🙂


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