Walking the West End

The boys and I drove drove up to Dallas on Wednesday to shoot some photos of some bridges for an upcoming photo challenge. After we had done that, we went into downtown Dallas on the West End to find a hamburger shop and take pictures.

I hadn’t intended to go to the West End, but ended up there since we were on that part of town. For those who don’t know, the West End is the trendy place to hang out on the weekends. It has lots of restaurants, candy shops, and stuff. You know, all the trappings of something trendy.

We wanted hamburgers. So we asked a security guard who directed us to the Record Grill, for the best burgers in town. We just needed to head east and look for a tiny building next to a bigger building. “Can’t miss it,” he said. We headed east.

I thought these arches were a nice touch.

And we didn’t want to miss out on the downtown advertisements…

Which turns out to be where the Record Grill was. See it? A small building, just next to a big one, like the security guard said.

It has the look of delicious hamburgers.

After all, a place that small doesn’t survive unless it is really good.

You can see people lined up just inside. I was hopeful.

But please note that blue and white sign in the window: Cash only!

We looked in vain for an ATM, and ended up eating elsewhere.

All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons, 2022.

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  1. Now I am missing Dallas. Thinking I should look up Record Grill the next time I make it to the area. Enjoyed your post. 😊


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