Droning On and On

Where was the drone when I was growing up?

Goodness. The amount of money my folks spent and I spent on toys that flew, for a quick moments in history, and then ended up being destroyed. From the balsa-wood air planes to that air plane on a string that you flew in a field. It was the closest to an actual air plane before the radio controlled planes came about. It only flew in a circle, as the pilot stood in the middle of the big circle going around and around in a circle, getting dizzy and crashing the thing.

Fortunately, my version was held together by rubber bands, which meant that I managed to fly it five or six times before it was destroyed.

Where was the drone?

Andrew got one for Christmas and kept going on about it, so we took it down to the river for a test flight. It was fascinating. Below is a video we put together along with some stills.

I think we made Tyranny and Emma J’s day when we buzzed over them.

The vintage flying toy, being flown by my dad. He really did want an airplane.


All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons, 2022. 

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  1. Pretty good video for a test flight 🙂


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