Parade of Classics

These are from the Christmas parade I attended to watch my son march in the band back in December.

Disclaimer: I am not a car expert in any conceivable ways. So in giving the years, make, and model below, I’m guessing.

I think this is a 1953 Chevrolet Belair. I’m not sure because Chevy’s typically have the logo on the front of the hood. The owner of this one obviously removed the logo.

I believe this is a 1940s era Ford Coupe.

I am 100% certain, this is a Ford truck! I like it for it’s textured look.

I am 100% certain… the driver needs a haircut. That 1970s hairdo has to go. The vehicle is a 1927 Chevrolet. I have no desire to every ride in one. What? The country must have been full of tiny people. It almost looks like a toy car.

All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons, 2022.

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  1. These cars are truly wonderful 😀 😀


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