CBWC: Lines

Another challenge from Cee, CBWC Challenge! This one for black and white, concerning Lines. I found this one, but like the color edition better. I included both.

Now, the problem with her subject. I here the word “Lines” and my mind immediately jumps to…

Lines on my head from that one thing she said
She spoke of strangers that don’t sleep two a bed
Kept on trying, buying time, not waiting on fate
Somehow got the feeling that I opened my eyes too late

I saw where you came from
I called out your name, but there’s no answer
We lived on your doorstep
I made you my wife, but I don’t need that

Can you guess the artist and the song?

All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons.

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  1. Oh these lines are very cool for this week. Thanks so much for playing 😀


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