Thursday Doors — La Salle Hotel Courtyard

For the record, this is my third attempt at putting together a Thursday Doors for February 3. The first two, ended up in the trash. I’m finding more and more lately, that if a photo doesn’t grab me, even if it is of a door, I dump it. I guess I’m becoming more discriminating in my tastes concerning my posts. Considering yesterday’s attempt at humor… probably a good thing.

The following is from downtown Bryan, and this is my last installment from that adventure. I may have a few stragglers for other things, but nothing else jumps out at me.

This is the La Salle Hotel courtyard. I’ve never heard of the La Salle, but it looks like a nice place to stay according to their web site. I do like their courtyard, and while I don’t have any particular door to share, the archway will have to do.

This is my installment for Dan’s Thursday Doors challenge.

All photos are copyright Ā© Timothy J. Hammons, 2022.

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  1. These ar great photos, Timothy. Iā€™m only guessing, but I do guess that most people would enjoy seeing the ones you toss in the bin. I found self zooming and studying the building with the stairs. It saw a like they arranged the stairs to miss the doors on the upper floors. The courtyard looks like a nice place to gather.


  2. I have started to discriminate more too – but thankfully I don’t toss too many – but it does happen
    and I like what you gave us here – doors – cool old side of the budding stairs – and that old car!


  3. I love how you put black and white and coloured photos alternately!


  4. You have some terrific buildings here. I adore all the different types and angles. Although I’m fond of your last photo because I am a vintage car fan. šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€


  5. Congratulations! I have featured your post in CFFC for the week.
    I sure hope you have a fantastic week.


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