Thursday Doors — St. Andrew’s Episcopal

St. Andrew’s Episcopal in Bryan, Tx. I love the name St. Andrew’s for a church, but prefer it be fixed to a Presbyterian church, not Episcopalian.

Interesting bit of history that I discovered recently between the Episcopalians of England, and the Presbyterians of Scotland, is that they hated each other. The Presbyterians so hated the Church of England and the common prayer book, that they developed a philosophy of worship using what was called the regulative principle of worship that said anything not actually prescribed directly for worship is forbidden. This led them to dispense with instruments in worship, as well as hymns, and other elements of worship. To the Scots, if it looked or smelled of the Church of England, it was definitely forbidden.

I actually believe that Calvin had a better view of worship than the Scots.

These photos are a part of Dan’s Thursday Doors Challenge.

All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons, 2022.

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  1. Church without hymns? I just couldn’t. I remember once when we were in between ministers, when we had hymns without church. This is a lovely church. I love the arched doors ans windows and the natural finish on the door. I would have expected red.


    • Yes, the sing the Psalm, from a psalter, and they don’t believe in using instruments. It can be very robust singing, but I don’t hold the view that well-written and theologically accurate hymns cannot be sung as well.

      Yes, a red door would have been expected. I like this one better.

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  2. enjoyed your photos of this stately church – and have to say that the sky seemed to be cooperating with you as that “blue sky and cloudy” backdrop added much interest to many of your stunning shots here


  3. Not only the doors are impressive!



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