Grace Covenant Presbyterian

The main reason Heidi and I have been traveling to Nacogdoches, TX lately, has been to attend Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church. You might think it odd that we would drive almost 3 hours one way to attend worship. But the need to worship God is worked into all of us, and the need to worship in excellence is a real privilege.  We are willing to make the drive every few weeks to worship.

Holy, Holy, Holy

The communion table with the Latin for “holy, holy, holy.”  Both in Isaiah 6 and Revelation 5, we see the angels before the LORD saying “holy, holy, holy,” about the LORD almighty. When we say as much in worship, we are joining the worship that is already taking place before the throne of God.

A Proper Pulpit

It is proper, because the pastor has to step up into the pulpit to preach. Many wrongly assume that such pulpits exalt the man above the people. This is not the purpose of a raised pulpit. The raised pulpit exalts the word of God over all, including the pastor. Even he has to step up to the word in order to preach it, reminding him that he is in that pulpit by God’s grace alone.

All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons, 2022.

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  1. The photos ar beautiful, Tim. You capture people so well. Thanks for the explanation of the pulpit.


    • Thank you. Glad I could help with the pulpit. When I learned that in seminary so many years ago, it began to help me see that much of what takes place in a solid church is done for a reason. It helped shape my understanding of worship.

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