Thursday Doors: Dolli’s Dinner

Heidi and I parked with the intentions of eating at Dolli’s Dinner on the square in Nacogdoches. But we didn’t. Given that our diet is restricted, Dolli’s didn’t offer anything we could eat. Not that we didn’t want to eat there. But we knew that if we did… our weight would go up. It was that kind of cuisine.

I loved the square. The city leaders kept the brick roads instead of paving over them like so many cities did, and it adds to the charm.

City Hall. But you can see that.

Nacogdoches’ existence relies on Stephen F. Austin State University. As anyone in a college town knows, it’s a cash cow for local breweries, eateries, and the like.

All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons, 2022. 

This post is a part of Dan’s Thursday Doors Challenge.

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  1. These are wonderful photos, Tim. I’m glad you did the close-up on the door frame at Fischer and Fischer. I’m sorry you couldn’t find anything to eat at Dolli’s. I love trying out little diners, but I realize they don’t have the healthiest options on the menu.


  2. Beautiful doors the colored versions as well as the black and whites! Kind of a minimal style building for city Hall:)


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