Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve! For some people, this is a day of panic because they are given to the materialistic spirit of the age. Let me encourage you not to give into the spirit of the age. Nothing about the incarnation demands we spend money for gifts we probably don’t need, or cannot afford.

Please realize that Christmas is about the giving of gifts, but not gifts we give. It is about God’s gift to us in the incarnation of Jesus Christ. The Second Person of the Trinity became man. He laid aside His glory and became a babe in a manger.

To help, ponder the words of the incarnation by Samuel Rutherford:

  1. O! What a depth it is! God and dust married together!
  2. Lovely in the womb, the Ancient of Days became young for me.
  3. It was not for nothing that our Brother Jesus was an infant.
  4. His Father laid the cross on His back, and He carried it thirty-three years, and never gave it a shake to put it off.

He came to save. Salvation belongs to the LORD! We are given hope in Him. Let us repent of our sins, trusting in Him. He is a perfect Savior, the ultimate gift. Merry Christmas Eve!

And now, some joyful photos via my daughter, Jessica.

All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons, 2021. 

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  1. Beautiful photos – true gifts.


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