Thursday Doors: Before and After — The Model Mill Co. Building

This is a Thursday Doors that was 3 years in the making… Someone bought the Model Mill Co. Building and started refurbishing it in 2018, and I had to walk through it taking pictures. Now, most people wouldn’t have the nerve to go on a construction site without permission. But having worked in construction before where I had to go on job sites, and into office buildings all the time to do my job, if you act like you are supposed to be there, very few people will ever question you. Especially if you have a camera and you are taking pictures of the construction (part of my job in construction).

I walked in and kept snapping back in 2018. Funny thing happened. I pointed it in the direction of the construction workers, and they all scrambled to get out of the shot. I wondered: were some of them illegals and convicts on the crew? Hhm? They wanted nothing to do with me, so I made myself at home.

I’ve shared some of those photos below in the Before section, with the new ones in After section. I took the After pictures this past summer. Yes, there are a few doors, but more non-doors, or not-yet doors than doors.

This is part of Dan’s Thursday Doors challenge. Be sure to check out his site, and the sites of others who are playing by looking for links in the comments section.

The Before!


The After

This is a use-to-be door.

The reception area of one of the offices. The receptionist was really nice. Walked in, introduced myself, told her what I wanted to do, and she let me take a few pictures of the office.

Another use-to-be door.

All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons, 2021. 

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  1. These are great photos, Timothy. I love that you were able to get back in for some after shots, but I really like the before photos. When we moved our office in 2004, I went over to the new place to take progress pictures. Like you, the workers scrambled to get away from the camera. The foreman told me “ex-wife’s and immigration.” Thanks for sharing these with Thursday Doors and I hope you’re having a Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. Respectful restoration and upgrade of an old building. Well done on your brazen walk through. I have found that rather than being subtle, sometimes wearing a hi-viz vest is a better approach, it seems to elude an air of authority and acceptance. I often used that tactic when I flew drones and no one would question me.


  3. The renovated building is definitely a better place to be in, but I think I like the photos from before much more. Beautiful and moody, and reveals the bones of the architecture


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