Monochrome Monday: She’s My Bristol Baby!

The last time we were in Bristol, we had to stop by the world-famous sign… OK, probably not world famous… but it will be after I post it here. So if all 12 of you would pass it on… We stopped by the infamous It’s Bristol Baby! sign just outside the Bristol Motor Speedway, where they hold 2 NASCAR races a year.

We are not all that interested in racing, although if I were to go to a race, it would be on Saturday, and I would really look forward to laps 87 through 106. (That’s a NASCAR joke. All the laps are pretty much the same.)

These pictures have been sitting in the files for a while. I brought them out because I’m currently away from My Bristol Baby, and wanted to let her know I missed her. I’m pretty sure she knows.

All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons, 2021.

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