Thursday Doors — The Big House

It was the late 1960s when my family moved to 13158 Kimberley Drive in Houston, Tx. After moving from a small, 3-bedroom house on Richmond Avenue, the Kimberley home as an absolute mansion to my 7-year-old mind. On top of that, I had my own room. It’s the one above the door.

It was surreal, and I can remember thinking that somehow we didn’t belong there. But it was my home for 5 years. I think what is hard for me to fathom, is that I lived in this house longer than I’ve lived in any other since then. A few places, I lived for 4 years, but never any one place longer than that.

Maybe one day I will find a more permanent home. I know it is one of my desires, but we will have to see what the LORD brings.

UPDATE: A friend asked me more about the house, and I wrote him the following:

Yes, it was. A huge den with a fireplace, a study where my Dad worked, a living room with a player grand piano, marble floors throughout the first floor, five bedrooms, full master bedroom with its own bathroom, carport and full garage with a shop.

It was the biggest house in the neighborhood and was built by the builder of the neighborhood for his family. Dad paid $50,000 for it in 1968. Five years later my mother sold it for $275,000. Who knows what it’s worth now.

Overall it’s been a curse to my brothers and me. It gave us unrealistic expectations for life. A few of us no longer struggle with that. Well, I don’t. Ministry took care of that.

That last paragraphs stresses the reality that the material blessings we have, are also curses if not viewed through the proper lens. As Augur prays to the LORD in the Old Testament: Give me neither great wealth, lest a forget You, or great poverty, lest I profane You (Timothy translation: from memory.)


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  1. That is a stunning home. I can only imagine you enjoying the view as you gazed out that window. I moved around a lot early in life, but I’ve been in the same place for a long time now. I hope you find your forever home.


  2. I can see why you thought it was a mansion. I find it interesting that houses that seemed to large when I was a child really weren’t that big, although this one is. The Lord’s really moved you around, hasn’t He? I hope He has something special for you as a forever home after all that. But good for you to go where you’ve been meant to go!



  3. A big home is a dream when we were younger but reaching my age a smaller house is easier to clean and not hard to go to the second level with aching knees.


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