Thursday Doors — McGregor, TX

The only reason I wanted to go to McGregor, Tx is that I was told it had the best cigar lounge in the area. It does, and that will be a later post. But it also has a few interesting doors, and buildings.

I want to buy the purple building, the Samsler Building built in 1897, and turn it into loft apartments, or a really unique home. In its present use, it’s going to waste.

For more Thursday Doors, go to Dan’s site.

All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons 2021.

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  1. First off, I think this is Thursday Doors’ first half ghost door. You’re right, this building is going to waste and it would make a wonderful residence. I love the details in the brick, especially around the windows.


  2. That IS a purple building! :[-)



  3. It’s seen better days but it still looks sound so maybe some enterprising soul will come along and do something with it. Like Dan says’, it would make a great residence.


  4. This is a very violet and great post.


  5. So interesting. Would you look at that half a door 🙂


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