Thursday Doors — Randy’s Chicken Ranch

Coming off my umpteenth quarantine yesterday, I was going stir crazy so my lovely bride told me to take my camera and shoot some pictures to get out of the apartment. She even gave me the location of a cute pond out in Robinson, TX, for a photo op. I took the pics at the pond, and afterward, came across Randy’s Chicken Ranch.

I stopped just to take a picture of Randy’s well house in the front yard. He spotted me and asked what I was doing. After a quick introduction, he told me to come check out his chickens. I did. Along with the rest.

We talked and told stories for the next hour. He’s lived on that corner of the town for 43 years. I was envious.

Here is my latest Thursday Door’s, part of Dan’s Challenge.

All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons 2021. 

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  1. What a wonderful way to break quarantine, talking to a human in person! Great doors and an uplifting post.

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  2. That second door is lots of fun and that sign is so very true. What an excellent visit!



  3. what a great photo shoot you did -) – this post has so many tasty elements with he doors and the man and even the one with the flat door – I like the boots and jeans – then the way you had some in black and white and other color – so much creativity and good compositions here


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