Monday Monochrome — THE Silos Where Chip Loves Joanna

If you know anything about Waco, TX, we have two famous people living here. One is a guy named Chip, the other is a girl named Joanna. They are married and have made a fortune by taking old homes, fixing them up, and selling them all while being filmed for the television. They have their very own television program. I’m not sure what it is called. I’ve never see the show. I’ve never seen the guy named Chip, or the girl named Joanna.

I also know they bought the two old silos downtown, that are considered landmarks for Waco, and turned the place into a high-priced Pottery Barn, which is a redundancy to say the least. My boys wanted me to take them to the silos one day when we were walking around downtown. I didn’t that day. Then I checked it out, because silos are usually in rough parts of town, only to be surprised that the place has been fixed up by Chip and Joanna. I took the boys there. It felt very commercial. It was very expensive. I didn’t let the boys touch anything. We left without buying anything.

I did get some good pictures. And no, we didn’t see the boy named Chip or the girl named Joanna. But then again,  how would I know?


All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons 2021.

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