Monochrome Monday — On the Trails

The boys and I went back out to the trails at Cameron Park on Saturday. I think we are determined to find every trail we can in exploring the park, as long as my knees hold up. There are some grueling trails to ascend and descend, so it is worth the trip out to visit. In fact, according to Andy, we are not really hiking unless we are going up or down. In other words, walking on a level trail is just a stroll.

This led us to finding the trail called “The Bat Cave.”  Most of the trails at the park have been given names, although, there are a few that don’t exist on the maps. So we headed toward the Bat Cave and didn’t quite find it. The map was a bit misleading. We started at Lovers Leap and worked our way down to the riverwalk, a decent of problem 50 feet in all (rough estimate). At the bottom of the hill, we found the Bat Cave trail, going up. The boys insisted we head up. And we did.

It was rather steep, so I was taking my time going up. Andy was so hopeful to find an actual bat cave, that he was disappointed when we didn’t come across anything resembling a cave. But he did enjoy the climb. When we got to the top, we realized we were back at Lovers Leap, so we turned around and went down the Bat Cave Trail. I decided to take it slowly.

Since the boys were waiting for me, I told them to head on down, go onto the MCC trail to the end, then come back up the River Trail and they would find me there. Andy was reluctant to do so. I could tell he was worried about me as I descended.

“Andy, realize that I know you are worried about me because I am old. I am worried about you because you are young. Go on, I will be OK.”

He did.

Below are some of the pictures, including the last one with Joey, where we discovered what I’m calling the Bamboo Shoot, a trail that is just as steep as the Bat Cave, only on the other side of the hill, going through the Bamboo portion of the forest. It’s an unmarked trail.


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