Thursday Doors — February 25, 2021

Hi There! I couldn’t pass this one up. I saw it, backed up, got out of my car and took the picture. It’s in a part of town that I would not have been surprised if they came out with a shotgun to ask what I was doing. I would have responded: “Saying Hi back at you!”

This is a part of Dan’s Thursday Doors. Enjoy.

All photos Copyright © Timothy J. Hammons 2021.

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  1. That’s a beautiful house. When you make a statement like that above your door, you have to expect that someone is going to stop. Well, OK, I would expect that.


  2. Over from Dan’s .. the word above the door made me smile.

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  3. Glad you didn’t have anyone with a shotgun come out. 🙂 That’s the reason I always feel a bit odd taking a photo of someone’s front door…not that I expect them to come out with a shotgun, but if someone were taking photos of my house, I might wonder what they were doing. Glad you shot this door, so to speak, as red doors are always great and the “Hi” makes it different and seemingly friendly.


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  4. It is a beauty, I don’t blame you for backing up😄. Three times so far I’ve had people come out and ask me why I was taking pictures of their property. All led to a nice conversation🙂



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