The Alico Building and 1869 Coffee

I’ve taken probably 25 pictures of the Alico building, and deleted all of them because I didn’t like the way they came out. I think I like the first picture below works well.

I was also intrigued by the advertisement for 1869 Coffee. I tried to find the place that sold it, only half-heartedly, but didn’t. I’m hoping to go back and find some gem of a coffee shop.

All photos copyright © Timothy J. Hammons 2021. 

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  1. I enjoy Waco more from your photographs than from driving around town. Thanks for bringing the sightseeing home!


  2. Lots of Waco photos here recently. I live here and my office is downtown, so I’ve seen that coffee sign before, but am not sure if it is a real thing or at least something that is still being made. Dichotomy is an expensive coffee shop near the Alico and the do have some drink that has a year in the name that combines coffee and Dr Pepper. I can’t vouch for it though. It’s not downtown, but in my opinion the best coffee place in town is Pinewood. I’ve never had bad coffee there. From the cheapest “Rover” which is drip (my usual) to the higher-end espresso drinks. It’s fantastic.


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