Thursday Doors — January 28, 2021

Driving into town, I spotted the doors on the Waco Federation of Women’s Clubs. I’m not sure what this federation consists of, but the building they occupy is worth a shot, especially the doors. I know, I could probably search the internet and find a viable explanation of this federation, but I’m too lazy to do so.

OK, OK, I looked it up. I found this bit of information on their Facebook page:

Time to order Caladium Bulbs for the Summer planting. Our price of $1 per bulb has remained the same this year. We have White, Pink and Red for your consideration. Contact us on Facebook, any Club Member (BSP LEA or POP, ADK BP, WEMC, Garden Patch, or Individual Members) or Barbara Lloyd at 254-836-4681. Orders are closed March 1

Yea. There was a time when I would have been all over this, back in my homeowners days. But alas, living in an apartment, planting Caladium Bulbs doesn’t sound all that appealing.

But back to the main point: the front door. It is Thursday Doors after all.

All photos copyright © Timothy J. Hammons 2021.

This post is my entry into Thursday doors, hosted by Dan Antion at No Facilities. Check his post for the day, and others who also post as part of the challenge.


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  1. These are very nice. I like the mission-style garage doors near the end, and I love the brick. The front door, with the ironwork is a real treat.


  2. Beautiful selection. I specially liked the one with the sunbeams; what a lovely shot


  3. What great details to bring out, Timothy. All the rose work is amazing. Hugs on the wing.


  4. That church wins the trifecta: door, ironwork, and bricks. 🙂



  5. The ironwork on those doors are amazing!


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